Two Recommended Slot Games For Online Gambling Players

Choosing the right slot online games is important when you want to play online slots. When you are already on an online gambling site and ready to play slot gambling, there comes a time when you have to decide which slot game you should choose. This is quite confusing because there are quite a number of slot games available and each one looks fun. If you are a new player, this is indeed a difficult process. However, you don’t have to worry. You don’t need to be too confused because there are two slot games that you think are worth trying to play and you won’t be disappointed with these two slot online. The slot online games are Sweet Bonanza and Gates of Olympus. These two slot games are guaranteed to be exciting and these slot online have become two of the many popular slot games among online gambling players.

The Exciting Thing of the Sweet Bonanza Slot Game

There are several interesting things that make Sweet Bonanza a recommendation for online gambling games that you should play. Instead of being confused, you can just drop your choice on this one slot game because it is certain that you will not be disappointed. In terms of reviews and ratings, this slot online has definitely received very good reviews since its inception. There have been thousands of slot players who have played it and have never been disappointed with the excitement it brings. One of the reasons is the very good quality of slot games. This slot game is very high quality with an extraordinary level of fun and very good smooth access. Plus, the quality is guaranteed by Pragmatic Play as the provider so you don’t think you will be an online gambling player who doubts the quality because Pragmatic Play has also become one of the best online slot providers in the world today.

The reason for both will be found in terms of the theme that is delivered. It seems, this has become an iconic thing of this online gambling game. The theme that is presented will never make gambling players feel bored at all because it brings a theme that can bring joy and lift the mood with the bright color combinations brought by this Sweet Bonanza slot game. The theme is indeed related to sweet things, such as candies, fruits, to colorful things that are presented in a collection of existing symbols. At first glance, this slot online is quite reminiscent of the themes that can be found in games such as Candy Crush to Bejewed with a combination of bright colors and existing animations. Although it looks fun and interesting, this online gambling game is still one of the quality slot games so of course the bets and prize opportunities are quite tempting.

The maximum chance of winning is in multiples of up to 20000 times. This is a fairly large number. When online gambling players or you manage to get these numbers, the profits can be very high. Not to mention there is a jackpot that can be obtained. This slot game comes with six reels or reels and it is combined with five rows. Slot players must collect at least eight of the same symbols to win and this brings quite a number of ways to win with any row of paylines. The RTP of this slot online is already very high and this is another advantage. Of course, there are exciting bonuses in this online gambling game that come in the form of lollipop symbols to free spins and wild symbols. It’s all part of the fun of the Sweet Bonanza slot game.

Interesting Things about the Gates of Olympus Slot Online

The second recommendation is the Gates of Olympus online slot game. This slot online has some similarities as well as differences. In terms of the main similarities, it is in the provider aspect because these two online gambling games were developed and released by Pragmatic Play. As discussed earlier, this is one of the big names in the world of international online slots. Thus, just like Sweet Bonanza which has been recognized for its quality, Gates of Olympus is also the same and you don’t need to be afraid when playing. Of course, this is quite fun and challenging with all the features presented in it.

This Gates of Olympus online gambling game brings a very different theme from Sweet Bonanza. Gates of Olympus uses the theme of one of the most famous cultures around the world. The culture in question is part of Greek mythology. In the name of this game alone, the name Olympus has been mentioned so it is quite predictable that this is a slot online with a theme about gods. The god in question and the main icon in the game Gates of Olympus is Zeus, the God of Lightning. You will always see the figure of Zeus as long as you play this online gambling game but this will not feel boring because Zeus will move and the movement may indicate a bonus or certain active features.

In terms of RTP, this Gates of Olympus online gambling game carries a high RTP. The percentage range is also similar to the one in Sweet Bonanza. The number of reels and rows is similar because this judi slot online uses six reels and five rows or rows. However, if you look at the maximum multiples of slot games, this is quite different because Gates of Olympus only provides maximum multiples in the range of 5000 times. While in Sweet Bonanza, Lollipops are the symbol you’ve been waiting for, Zeus’s face is the symbol you’re looking for in this Gates of Olympus online gambling game.